Components and Material Suppliers

Note: S&B no longer supply TX-100 series audio transformers as components.

Test Equipment and Software


ModelSim Designer

ModelSim PE


A comprehensive simulation and debug environment for complex ASIC and FPGA designs. HDL languages include Verilog, VHDL and SystemC.

For when one just has to develop that "perfect" DAC filter or a "proper" digital audio data controller.

UK Representative: Saros Technology

"Tube CAD Journal Push-Pull Calculator helps tube audio amplifier designers develop push-pull output stages that yield low distortion and long tube life."

A useful and very affordable program for developing Push-Pull driver/output stages. Tube types available includes my much loved 6C33C as well as more "conventional" parts like 300B, etc. Definable load allows for 600 ohm line driver development as well as speaker type impedances.

FFT Analysis with WINaudioMLS software

The software, in conjunction with an E-MU® 1212M soundcard, that produces the million point FFT graphs that grace this website.

PRO EX Version + 64-bit ultra high precision FFT; 192kHz/24 Bit ASIO support.

General Interest

Best website for ongoing Tube development, information, understandable theory and how to put it into practise. Home of the Aikido preamplifier.

Interesting tube and speaker projects, including a straightforward TX-102 based TVC.

 Per-Anders Sjöström

QRV-07 - "The ultra high performance SMD headphone amplifier" based on the TI TPA6120.

Makes a good line driver for testing Zeus power amplifiers.

Vikash Chauhan

Standing Wave Calculator

Calculate the standing waves for a standard rectangular enclosure.

Useful for getting an idea about room modes as well.

Tools and Hardware

Wabeco Milling machine F1210E

If you are into lots of metalwork on your projects then you seriously need one of these!

High precision vertical / horizontal mill / drill built to Toolmakers Accuracy.

  • Vari-speed 180-3000 R.P.M. - 1.4Kw Motor
  • Milling head rotates through 90°
  • 2 MT spindle (optional MT3 or SK30)
  • Dovetailed Column
  • 280 mm vertical travel
  • Working table 700 x 180 mm
  • 500 mm longitudinal travel - 150 mm cross travel

In the UK available from Pro Machine Tools Ltd or Chronos Ltd.

And no, I don't have one (yet)!

To be added to.


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