Audiophonics Projects

This page details the various components and systems that I have developed. The aim is to have a cohesive overall system from source to speakers.

The various components are:

  • Sources: i.e. Vinyl (analog) or CD, DVD or SACD (digital).

  • Preamps, which incorporate the Zeus line-drivers, or...

  • Line amps, which are for where a separate preamplifier is to be used (e.g. Aikido).

  • Power amps, of normally mono-block design.

  • Speakers.

Although originally my inspiration to design the power amplifiers came from needing high quality amplification for my sphere speakers, the Zeus amplifiers will work with most conventional speakers to great advantage.

The Audiophonics Zeus System:





CD Player

Zeus Mosfet Preamp


Zeus75 Amplifier

Network Digital Audio Player

Zeus 6C33C Triode Preamp

Zeus 6C33C Triode Lineamp

Zeus35 Amplifier

Audiophonics Loudspeakers:

Bass Speaker

Audiophonics Vinyl Projects:

MM Phono Cartridge "Dynamic Coil"

  • Diamond FGS stylus

  • Ruby Cantilever

  • Low mass neodunium magnet.

  • Low output impedance design.

  • Two models: Silver & Copper.

Tone Arm


RIAA Preamp



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