Zeus-Athene Loudspeaker Series


For demonstrating and general use I have been working on my Zeus-Athene Series speakers.

These use more accessible construction and shapes and are intended primarily as demonstrators for the Zeus Amplifiers (small and light enough to be carried up and down stairs and to fit in the back of a small car).

The first version is based on a pair of existing ported cabinets that I worked on in 2002 which are fitted with new drivers and crossovers. This speaker has a pair of E.J. Jordan JX92s main drivers plus a Vifa 1" soft dome tweeter (TC26SF05-06).

Crossover is a 12dB LP / 18dB HP set at 3.0 kHz. This gives an impedance wobble at the crossover point and I intend to add a LCR to even this out so the amplifier will see a constant impedance across this point.

Bass -3dB response is down in the 50-60 Hz region.

Further Development

Use a pair of JXr6HDs for the main audio band positioned side by side (not vertically), with the pair of JX92s main drivers for the bass only.

The crossover will be 6dB LP and 6 dB HP around 200 Hz. An additional mechanical HP filter of 6dB for the JXr6HSs will be effected by selecting the volume of their sub-enclosure.

(Further details to be added.)



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