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Welcome to the AudiophonicsTM website.

The Best Audio System in the World... is the system you have at home and are happy to listen to!

Audio is a very personal experience and there are few absolute rights or wrongs in it's enactment. Each of us hears in our own way and hearing itself is a very complex phenomenon. The end desire is to listen to sound with sufficient clarity that we can enjoy the performance without concern of the mechanics of it's reproduction.

My philosophy is to keep the audio path as simple as possible without compromising the nature of the original sound i.e. "Do not complicate beyond necessity!" 1.

My current system consists of a preamp / line-driver and a pair of mono-block power amplifiers with separate power supplies.

Pre-Amp / Line Driver

Power Amplifier

Zeus Audio Path Schematic

Zeus Audio Path Schematics

The above schematics show ALL the components for one channel in the entire audio path from input to speaker. Note that there are just four transformers and three MOSFETs (1 SE in the preamp + 2 PP in the power amp) and a handful of passives.

This two stage amplification benefits from the high output levels of modern sources (TV, Video, CD, DVD etc.) and represents a different arrangement to that used conventionally. Effectively I have the first stage of the power amplifier in the preamp, and then use separate mono-block power stages which can be placed next to their respective speakers.

I use transformers by design as the primary building blocks and gain stages and either tube or solid state devices as followers. This topology is further explained on this site.

This is the system we listen to on a daily basis, both for music and video.

I hope you find these pages of interest.

New Projects and Updated Information:

Zeus75 Power Amplifier

Zeus-Athene Loudspeakers

New FFT measurements for my original Zeus35 Amplifier


  1. My paraphrase of Occam's razor



Forthcoming updates will include new developments and also retests of some of the other setups with unified and consistent measurements for easier comparison.

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